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ZenBusiness LLC Formation Service Review 2021: Legit & Reliable?

Since being founded in 2015 ZenBusiness has helped tens of thousands of companies get started and form their initial legal structures and articles of incorporation.

ZenBusiness is based out of Austin, Texas and offer a complete suite of tool and services to those starting a new business, however they are most known for their popular LLC formation service that has garnered thousands of review and positive media attention in recent years.

We’ve used ZenBusiness’s formation services to create multiple in state and foreign LLCs, so this article will provide a detailed review of what to expect from their LLC creation service. We will cover background information about the company, the pricing you can expect to pay, pros & cons of the service, and more to help you determine if the ZenBusiness LLC Formation Service is a fit for your business setup needs.

ZenBusiness Background Information

ZenBusiness is a relatively new company that’s operated by a very impressive management team with a long history of building successful technology companies. They have raised significant capital from some of the world’s most respected investors in the past few years to help make the process of starting a new business more simple and manageable for people off all experience levels. They have quickly become a favorite of many customers due to their fair pricing and excellent customer support services.

ZenBusiness: Is It a Good Deal?

Overall, yes ZenBusiness offers a very affordable service for the level of professionalism and attention to customer service they provide. Packages start at just $49 in addition to the state filing fees with is less then most other filling services and includes registered agent services that many companies charge $100+ a year for alone.

ZenBusiness Features

ZenBusiness offers a wide variety of features that covers of the need of people starting their first small business to seasoned entrepreneurs who have built multiple successful companies. In addition to general legal formation services they offer in house CPA tax advise and domain name/email/and website design and creation products.

ZenBusiness Filing Speed

ZenBusiness filling speeds are generally between a few days and a few weeks depending on your formation package, state of formation, and time of year. This is very competitive with the rest of the market and generally faster than if you tried to incorporate yourself due to their experience with the legal system and familiarity with common problems and issues that frequently arise.

Pros & Cons of ZenBusiness LLC Service


  • Great Response Time to Customer Support Questions & Issues
  • Easy to Use Product Interface
  • Personalized Services
  • Great Customer Feedback across the board
  • Business Website and domain name services available
  • In House CPA advice available
  • Socially Conscious Organization


  • Relatively new company compared to many of the competitors in the done-for-you business incorporation industry

ZenBusiness LLC Formation Packages and Pricing Options

ZenBusiness currently offers three package options for individuals looking for different levels of service and care when forming their new company. Each of these packages contains the three core features of new company formation including LLC formation, free registered agent services, and a free operating agreement. The pricing of each package is competitive with the current market landscape of LLC formation services and range from $49 – $299 annually in addition to individual state filling fees.

ZenBusiness Starter Package = $49 + Individual State Filing Fee

The starter package is a great barebones option for individuals looking to get a basic company setup quickly have have all their basic legal basic covered. For a reasonable fee of $49/year, this package offers a standard filing service, registered agent, name availability search, and a worry-free CPA assessment. This starter package is advertised to create an LLC within 2 – 4 weeks, however we have seen the turnaround period be significant shorter than advertised in recent months.

Standard Filing Service

The standard filing service includes the preparation and filing of articles of organization based on your individual state filing requirements. ZenBusiness was draft these articles for you and file them correctly with you state.

Registered Agent Service

In America, every LLC must had a registered agent designated, which is a person or business entity that accepts the delivery of important business documents from the state on behalf of your business, and forwards them to you. This service is free with a starter package for 12 months and then you are given the opportunity to cancel or renew for an additional $119/year.

Name Availability Search

Zenbusiness will search the databases of business names in your state of formation to see if your desired business name is available for registration or if is it already being used in trade by another organization.

Worry Free CPA Assessment

Zenbusiness offers a free tax and bookkeeping assessment from their inhouse CPA’s to give tips and guidance on taxes and accounting for your newly formed company.

Who Should Purchase the ZenBusiness Starter Package?

The ZenBusiness starter package is perfect for people looking for a basic, affordable company formation service and don’t mind manually creating an EIN for their new company for setting up their business website and email address.

ZenBusiness Pro Package = $179 + Individual State Filling Fee

The ZenBusiness Pro package includes everything mentioned in the starter service with the addition of Employer Identification Number creation, Worry Free Compliance Guarantee, Domain Name Registration, & Expedited Filing Speeds.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Creation

EIN’s are 9 digit numerical codes that are required in order to file your LLC’s taxes as well as open a bank account for your business. The ZenBusiness Pro plan takes care of the EIN registration process for you with the IRS. If purchased separately this service alone costs an additional $70.

Worry Free Compliance Guarantee

This service covers the prep and filing of your company’s annual report, along with two amendments per year (if necessary). In addition, if you ever miss your yearly filing deadline this service can help you quickly regain your company’s good standing with the state and IRS.

Domain Name Registration

Normally $25, the pro service includes registration of a business domain name for your company to business a professional looking website and build your customer base.

Banking Resolution

The pro package includes a professional banking resolution form to allow you to indicate who has the authority to open a business bank account for your LLC.

Expedite Filing Speed

Company formation documents will be complete and posted for your record with one week of purchasing the service.

Who Should Purchase the ZenBusiness Pro Package?

The Pro package appears to be ZenBusiness’s most popular plan and is great for entrepreneurs who want to get their business up and running quickly without having to worry about tax or filing compliance issues.

ZenBusiness Premium Package = $299 + Individual State Filling Fee

The premium package includes all benefits of the pro package with the addition of Business Domain Name Privacy, Rush Filing Speed, Business Email Address, and a Business Website.

Business Domain Name Privacy

This features keeps your personal data and information private when your business domain registration process is completed.

Rush Filling Speed

Premium package customers will have their filings prioritized over all pro and starter plan customers.

Business Email Address

ZenBusiness creates a business email account for your custom domain (ex: [email protected]) with up to 5gb of storage space.

Business Website

ZenBusiness will help you create and setup a professional looking website for your new business domain name.

Who Should Purchase the ZenBusiness Premium Package?

The premium package is great for entrepreneurs looking to get started quickly have all compliance and basic tech tasks handled by professional when starting their business.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion on ZenBusiness

After using ZenBusiness and researching all their available features and product offerings, we believe it is one of the best LLC formations services on the market today. It offers a very affordable, easy-to-use product, to give everyone the opportunity to business their own companies. They have excellent customer support and their rapid growth while maintaining a high quality of service has been very impressive to observe over the past few years.

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