Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review 2021: Legit & Reliable?

Looking for a registered agent service or to form a new LLC for a business idea? We broke down the data and fact of what you need to know before you decide to work with Northwest Registered Agent. We’ll break down the features, pricing, and reviews and our experience to give you a well rounded guide to Northwest Registered Agent service.

Northwest Registered Agent Company Background Information

Northwest Registered Agent is a well known company in the incorporation and registered agent services space. They have been around since 1998 and have helped hundreds of thousands of business form and maintain their active status through their registered agent services. Northwest Registered Agent is known for their straightforward pricing structure and have attention to detail when submitting articles of incorporation and helping walk their customers through any issue or delays that arise.

Northwest Registered Agent: Is It a Good Deal?

With a starting price point of $49, it doesn’t get much more affordable than Northwest Registered Agent for an LLC and registered agent services. Northwest is great at handing the basics of LLC formation (EIN, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, ect) for a fair pricepoint without engaging in agressive selling or pitching hard upsells to new customers.

While Northwest doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles that a service like ZenBusiness might have, that have an excellent service and great customer support for a very affordable price.

So yes, overall we think Northwest Registered Agent is a good deal for people establishing business of all sizes and levels of complexities.

Northwest Registered Agent Service Offerings

Northwest Registered Agent offers to main service offerings to businesses:

  1. Registered Agent Services
  2. LLC Formation Services

Northwest Registered Agent Pros & Cons


  • Incredible in house customer support team
  • Affordable and fair pricing structure
  • Full year of registered agent service included with all package plans
  • Great company data security and privacy
  • Excellent speed and turnaround time for new company formation
  • Treat customers with respect, few upsells and aggressive sales behaviors


  • Not necessarily a “con”, but Northwest has a lesser known brand in the industry than some of the larger players
  • Doesn’t offer a wide variety of ancillary services for LLC formation customers

Northwest Registered Agent Features

Northwest Registered Agents offers a strong core value proposition as they have perfected the basic of creating and maintaining LLC’s over the past few decades. While they don’t offer too many add-ons or complementary products that some larger brands do, they do offer a competitive 1 year free registered agent service before charging $125 a year while is below the standard $199 charged by most of the competitors in the space. Their registered agent service also protects the privacy of your primary residence as the agents address is used to all registration papers and receives all letters related to the company.

Northwest Registered Agent Filing Speed

Depending on the package you select, the state you are registering in, and the time of year Northwest can help you get an LLC formed in as little as 1 day to a few weeks. From our experience with Northwest, LLCs are usually filed same day and the applications are accepted and complete within one week. Northwest is consistently one of the fasted LLC and registered agent services we have used over the years.

Northwest Registered Agent Packages & Pricing

Basic $79 + State Fees

For the basic plan Northwest will conduct an in depth name availability search, prepare and file your articles of organization, and include one year of registered agent service.

Name Availability Search

Northwest will perform an official search in your state’s database to see if your desired entity name is already in use by another organization before registering.

Prep and Filing Articles of Incorporation

Northwest will prepare and file these documents on your behalf to provide adequate information about your company and it’s operation to be granted an LLC by the state.

Registered Agent Services

In America, all LLC’s must have a designated registered agent to receive important legal documents on behalf of the company. Northwest will act as the official location for your company, receive all documents and scan and direct them to you. This service is included for one year and can be canceled for continued for $125 a year moving forward after the initial 2 months.

Who Should Purchase Northwest’s Basic Plan?

Northwest’s basic plan is perfect for those looking to save some money by creating an EIN and operating agreement themselves and letter Northwest create the core application and naming process for your LLC.

Deluxe $179 + State Fees

Northwest’s Deluxe plan includes everything for the Basic plan in addition to also creating your Operating Agreement and Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Operating Agreement Prep and Creation

In most states an operating agreement isn’t required to get approved for an LLC, however it’s highly recommended to increase your liability protection.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Creation

The EIN number is a 9 digital number used to identify your LLC and file taxes, higher employees, open business bank accounts, and other vital business activities.

Who Should Purchase Northwest’s Deluxe Plan?

Northwest’s Deluxe plan is perfect for entrepreneurs who want a profession to handle the creation of their LLC so things are done right and correctly the first time.

Premium $199 + State Fees

The premium package offered by Northwest includes all of the previous services as well as rushed service so you can have you order processed and LLC submitted the same day your payment is received by Northwest.

Who Should Purchase Northwest’s Premium Plan?

Northwest’s Deluxe plan is perfect for entrepreneurs who want a profession to handle the creation of their LLC so things are done right and quickly so they can be off to the races running their business.

Additional Features Available By Northwest Registered Agent

In addition to the services and features available in the 3 package options, Northwest offers a variety of services that can be purchased individually including:

  • Annual Report Filing Service: Depends on the State
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): $50 if you have a social security number, $200 if you don’t
  • S Corporation Tax Election: $50
  • Mail Forwarding: $50/m
  • Certificate of Good Standing: Depends on the State
  • Certified Copy: Depends on the State
  • Apostille: $400
  • Business Phone Number: $9/month
  • Corporate Book: $40 one time cost
  • Corporate Seal: $40 one time cost

Final Thoughts & Conclusion About Northwest Registered Agent

Overall Northwest LLC formation and registered agent services are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs of all levels looking to start another business in any state. Northwest offers an affordably priced, dependable service, that has one of the fastest turnaround times in the incorporation industry. You will not regret your decision to work with Northwest for your business incorporation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Northwest Registered Agent Service

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